Should I trust Moore this week?

10 teams. I’m 4-5, playing the top ranked team this week. But his team is hurting and he’s got Maholmes on bye this week. I…HAVE…to win. There is no excuse not to. Our league is super competitive (I’m ranked 9th with my record).

My lineup this week:

J Rob
Miles Sanders
DJ Moore
Duke Johnson

CEH (bye)
Drake (Q)
DJ (out)
Golladay (out)
Corey Davis (locked)
Matt Ryan (Bye)
Ekeler (IR)

My opponent:
Chase Edmonds
Jonnu (9.5 pts)
Jakeem Grant

All logic and reason say there’s no chance I lose, but since there’s obviously no logic this season other than pure BS luck, I don’t feel confident.

My biggest concern, as usual, is Moore. Should I trust him or drop Mattison for someone? I’m considering Josh Reynolds or Marvin Jones/Amendola if Hockensen misses.

I’d go Moore. I have concerns van Jefferson begins soon - Reynolds I believe was the guy that put in minimal effort to stop the pick six and I think they move towards the future too. If Hockenson misses I’m on board with Marvin.

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You’d go Marvin over Amendola?

Yes i would, amendola ceiling is around 15ppr or something these days. He’s a constant 9-15 guy. Marvin is definitely more boom or bust but if he takes off it’s 20+.

If you need safety amendola is probably the play.

I’d stick with Moore

Yeah it looks like Hockenson is playing so I’ll stick with Moore. He did well last time against TB so we’ll see…