Should I try and trade Conner for mixon?

I have kamera but not really a solid RB 2 without Conner. Should I try and trade Conner for mixon?

I would do that in a heartbeat, no telling when Conner will be done. Get value for him while you can.


You are going to have solid return all season with Mixon.

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Forgot I have j Howard he was in my flex and I was looking at my bench. So should I try ride out Conner and have Howard as my number 2 or still try and grab mixon for Conner and looking like engram ( I have Kelci and gates) first year doing fantasy just trying I figure this thing out

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Is your league a redraft or are there keepers?

It is a redraft @Nicknj12

I’d probably go for Mixon then and have a player that could be an RB1 all year. If Bell comes back next week you’re SOL

But by no means do you need to trade Conner either. He’s going to be great while he’s there, so I wouldn’t sell just to sell. But if you can get Mixon I’d pull the trigger on that deal