Should I try to go for michael Thomas?

12 team standard league, MT owner has shown interest in my rbs before. Would you trade away Chris Carson for Thomas? Or possibly josh Jacobs and Allen Robinson for him? My wrs are mike evans, Allen Robinson, courtland sutton Tyler Boyd and golden Tate. My rbs are zeke Carson and Jacobs, should I stick with my team or go for Thomas if I can?

Keep Carson and Jacobs. They will serve you better in the nasty weather to come.

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I recommend Carson for Thomas straight up. Carson has a very tough ROS, and Penny is healthy so may be some splits, dump him now while he has high value. If he declines or wants a WR replacement, offer Robinson or Sutton.

Jacobs has a killer ROS schedule, he and Zeke are starts every week. Then you’ve got 2 stud RBs, and 2 stud WRs (Evans and MT). I love a 2 RB + 2 WR team.

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