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Should I try to sell Bell?


Should I wait or should I see if I can trade bell for some more assets? My team is not looking to be very tough to beat. I know were only two weeks in but my roster looks like this:
R. Wilson
L Bell
M Lynch
M thomas
M bryant
Jordan Reed
F Gore

D Jackson
Marvin Jones
M Mack
Its a 10 team standard. No good players available on waivers. Chris Carson and Tarik Cohen were owned 2 weeks before the season started so this is a very competitive, deep league. Any thoughts on how to improve my team?


Its like you said it is only week two I am a bell owner myself and he is improving as the weeks go by just shaking all that rust off after holding out, he has a nice match up next week against the bears that right there might give him the boost he needs. and if the bottom is your bench doesn’t look like you have much running back depth so i would just be patient with Bell


If you sell now, you’ll get pennies on the dollar and potentially gift wrap a championship for your trade partner. Don’t panic.