Should I try to strengthen my RB with this trade?

Hey guys and gals,

The first year doing an auction and I ended up pretty weak at RB IMO. This is a 2RB 3WR 1 FLX 1/2 PPR with kick and punt return yards as well. Keep in mind I will have to drop two for a kicker and D because my league mates aren’t ready to be rid of them yet. That will come after the preseason.

My team is as follows,

Marlon Mack (Starter)
Lamar Miller (Starter)
Peyton Barber
Royce Freman
Justin Jackson
Alexander Mattison
Justice Hill
Miles Sanders
Darwin Thompson

Davante Adams (Starter)
Tyreek (Starter)
Robert Woods (Starter)
Marvin Jones

The guy I am looking at trading with has the following team.

Latavius Murray
Todd Gurley (Starter)
Mike David
Aaron Jones (Starter)
Chris Carson (Flex)
Dion Lewis

WR Jarvis Landry (Starter)
Will Fuller (Starter)
Gallup (Starter)
Emmanuel Sanders
Demaryius Thomas
A.J. Green

I feel like we can make a mutually beneficial trade here. What are some possible trades I should throw out there, or should I just sit with the guys I have and wait to see if any work out? With Woods, Hill, and Adams I am probably the strongest with these guys next to the teams with Cooper, Kupp, and Theilen or the team with Odell, Keenan, and Godwin

I’d like to get either Aaron Jones or Carson.

My thoughts are Carson and Gallup for Robert Woods? Aaron Jones for Woods? Aaron Jones for Woods and something? HELP!?

What do you guys think?

Thanks All!

You’re so good right now. Absolutely love your team.

Stay the course, and do NOT trade Bobby Woods.

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Thanks for taking to time to read my rather long post! The more I thought about it throughout today after initial negotiations sparked the more I was like, “Am I really in THAT BAD of a spot? Or do I just want my home boy?”

My RBs aren’t knock your socks off, but at least 3-4 of them are serviceable as of right now. My Receivers should help mask any deficiency at RB, right?

If Barber, Freeman, Sanders, Hill, or Thompson emerges I think you are set and don’t need to chase a RB. Definitely stay the course and wait it out… By week 7 you may have a stud RB from your stock.

Last year I had a similar approach with guys like Aaron Jones, Chubb, and Kerryon. My team from last year would be tops this year easy. But I came in last last year. I know my process was right, I just took too many losses at the first of the year and couldn’t make it. I finished top 3 in points for but like 1st in points against.

Probably shouldn’t freak out like I am this year. haha.

Thanks my voices of reason!