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Should I Veto this?


First timer accepted James White for TY Hilton… should I veto the trade?

A little backstory:
So I’m the co-LM of our league… Me and the league “founder” both have the LM powers on espn… basically I’m the more responsible ethical person and I handle all the trade reviews settings etc… the other guy basically just reached out to the people to do the league but he’s a real pos and the experienced players don’t trust him… well there’s 2 first timers in our league and the other LM has a long history of trade raping in-experienced players etc… well during preseason he went to the first new guy and traded Frank Gore, Torey Smith and Emmanuel sanders for Keenan Allen, Tevin Coleman, and Allen Robinson… I voiced my disgust for the trade to the group but I approved it because it was still preseason and it wasn’t like he was giving Gore for Bell or anything like that… and it turned out that trade wasn’t too one sided afterall… but yesterday just before the games started he got the other first-timer to give up Hilton by telling him a bunch of shit about how theres a really good chance Luck will miss all season so Hilton will be worthless and he wants to help out by taking the risk of TY and giving him White as a “solid RB.” I’m usually pretty adamant about only Vetoing obvious collusion but trades like this not only hurt the new guys and is the reason we can’t get new guys to return… but also hurts the rest of the league when one guy stacks his team for free by trade raping first timers… Is something like this veto-worthy or should I just get over it and let the trade happen but be bitter about it.


Don’t veto. It’s not that bad. Both are solid players, one is just selling low on Hilton without Luck.


I am a commissioner and I am against Vetoing trades if someone did a crappy then that is their fault. But this trade is not that bad they are both good players.


It does suck, but newbies have to learn somehow. I learned that way, and so has everyone else that has lasted. His team may end up being stacked, but I have noticed most of the guys that pull this stuff, get screwed over anyway. Besides, white really might end up being a great grab. There is a chance he takes over Edelman role and just kills it.


I do this in my league all the time. When you do a trade its like you are trying to sell something. Its not like he forced the other person to say yes and its not even THAT bad of a trade. Save your veto when he tries to trade bell for white