Should I vote this trade down?

So in this league I joined this year people seem kinda, uneducated in football. They took kickers in the 6-7 round. Like whatever. Better draft for me.

But this notification comes to me about two guys doing a trade and personally I love trades so I’m like awesome let’s see

Kennan Allen


Larry fitz
Jimmy Graham

To me that sounds like the dumbest trade I’d ever heard of. I can’t fanthom why any one would make that trade outside of collusion

I think you’ve got to let people make their mistakes. However if you can find actual evidence of collusion that changes things.

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doesn’t look like collusion to me, Looks more like these guys are real life fans of football rather than fantasy fans of football and they want their favorite players on their team.

on top of that Kelce had a dud week, zeke had less points than Barkley last week, and fitz is a legend. you can also make a case for the trade being actually legit cause graham is the TE in Rodgers offense, some people were actually drafting barkley over zeke, and keenan has injury history while Fitz is a wr1 every year.

Bottom line, I think its a legit trade and each member involved thinks they’re benefitting from it.

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My guess is the top guy is tilting on both Zeke and Kelce after week one. Especially if they’re inexperienced like you mentioned

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