Should I worry about my semi finals match?

His team

Qb- mahomes
Rb1- dalvin cook
Rb2- damien William’s
Wr1- ty Hilton
Wr2- Humphries
Flex- justin jackson
Te- kelce
Def- Vikings

My team:
Qb- matt ryan
Rb1- cmc
Rb2- todd Gurley
Wr1- juju
Wr2- Diggs
Flex- amari cooper or DJ
Te- gronk
Def- jags

I’m thinking I should clearly win. But who knows

I would certainly consider you the favorite, but the think about fantasy football is that no hypothetical lead is safe. Imagine if you had Antonio Brown, Toddy Gurley, Fournette etc last week. Have to wait and see.

why be worried with gurley and cmc lol. Im pretty sure you will win but who knows

Well he scored 70 points with Jackson William’s mahomes and kelce. That is 6 more than projected. Which isnt too bad. William’s killed me. Mahomes and kelce underperformed which almost balanced it out. Fantasy football is a pain in the butt.