Should I worry if Gurley sits?

Hey foot clan, really need your advice for this one.
10 Team Standard League
If Gurley sits my Starting lineup is:
QB : Mahomes
RB: Marlon Mack
RB: Damian Williams
WR: JuJu
WR: Anderson/ Fitzgerald
FLEX: Jamal Williams
D/ST: Vikings

My Opponent’s lineup is:

QB: Mayfield
RB: Cmac
RB: James White
WR: Adam Theilen
WR: Robert Woods
FLEX: T. Cohen
D/ST: Dolphins
Which team looks like it has the advantage? let me know what you think foot clan.

I think you’re find good job on snagging JWill

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Who would you start out of Anderson or Fitzgerald?

bump, need some extra opinions

I’d go Anderson. I, in fact, am going Anderson. Granted it was him or Mike Williams and boy was that the right decision :rofl:


I’m assuming you’re talking Robby Anderson. If so I would have to agree with @DoddSquad. Anderson has been on fire these past couple of weeks, and one of Darnold’s favorite targets, especially with Enunwa out. AND even though Alexander is expected to be covering him (last I saw) I don’t think he’s gonna put a huge damper on Anderson’s production. Could be wrong. BUT…really would be surprised!!!

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