Should Kareem Hunt be in my starting lineup

So I am having trouble with who should be in my starting lineup, mostly for a flex spot.
My receiver options are Mike Evans, Josh Gordon and Dez Bryant. Right now Evans and Gordon are my 1&2 and Dez is my flex. But don’t know if I should start Hunt over Dez or switch it up and maybe take out Evans or Gordon for hunt as well. Any feedback is appreciated!

I have been recommending Hunt to most people, but Dez against a weak Giants team that lost Jack Rabbit for the season? I would have a tough time sitting Dez for Hunt in that situation. See what others think too, good luck this week.

Im also facing Josh Gordon and I feel like he is gonna go bee-nanas against GB.

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Yeah it’s a hard decision. I like Dez and Gordon this week a lot, and if I had to choose between Evans and Hunt my gut says evans because hunt just has not been getting the ball. But rbs are usually more trustworthy with their carries, idk it’s a rough one. Thanks for the feedback though!