Should Kittle be considered a WR1

Hello Footclan,

.5PPR Standard 12 man league.

I have the 4th overall pick and Im finding myself drafting Kittle in the 3rd round. My first 2 rounds are RBs always. Does it make sense to consider Kittle as a WR1?


You can consider him as that, I do not personally consider him as one in general. I think of him as a luxury pick and lower then Kelce (who I think of as basically a WR1). I have him in a dynasty and it is nice, but he has a lot of competition for targets this year. He still has the position/game winning potential but I am not as crazy about it this year. I do think that he will have his Boom weeks though. Short story long, I don’t think its a problem to draft him in the third. However, he scares me the most out of the big 3 because of the offense, injury and change at QB potentially (just a lot of assumed risk for the pick). Also no I don’t see him as a WR1. hopefully this helps.

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