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Should offseason trades be allowed in a keeper league


Just wondering if you guys think off-season trades should be enabled in a league where we keep 6 people. Right now we have it so so you can “agree to terms” on a trade and make it official after the draft. This makes it so trades must include players that are kept


Yes, that just adds to the fun. We have a keeper deadline on August 1st, weeks before our Draft.


Of course they should! Include draft picks too!


Do you feel it affects the draft because stacked teams will trade players they won’t even keep for picks? We already have draft pick trades on players being kept


The Draft can get stale. Our league is entering our last keeper year after 18 seasons as we’re redrafting in 2018. We have 5 keepers with 10 teams so it’s gotten to the point where 40-45 of the top 50 are already rostered entering the Draft. Last season the 1st Round went…

K Benjamin

So you see why we voted to change to a redraft format.