Should this get vetoed?

The following trade of mine got vetoed in a league

Cook, Fitz, Boyd, Latavius Murray

Carson, JuJu, Robbie Anderson, Chris Thompson

I know the cook side wins, but was it do lopsided that it should have been vetoed?

Should never be vetoed unless there is collusion.

There was no collusion, just knowing what someone prefers to use to evaluate

The Cook side definitely wins…if I would veto it probably Fitz and Boyd is to much for Robbie and Thompson. If they took out Fitz or Boyd it looks more even

In your opinion Fitz, Boyd vs Juju, Anderson is not fair? I’m not trying to be confrontational, but I assumed JuJu with OBJ and Allen Robinson on his team makes WR better. I know I win on the Carson Thompson + WR gain vs Cook since I’d dump Murray right away. I just didn’t see it as that one sided.

Ju ju and Carson even out for Cook…Fitz ,Boyd and Murray vs Andersen and Thompson do not to me that’s how I see it this why I would probably lean to veto.

Interesting, if JuJu still had Ben and Carson doesn’t fumble in consecutive games would that still have been your opinion? I think a WR1 and RB2 do not equate to an RB1. I say that based on the pure probability that cook won’t continue at this high of production and vice versa for JuJu and Carson at this inefficient production.

I think I’m in the minority when I say this trade is pretty close to fair (still lean Cook side.)

Cook should return to the mean. He’s faced some porous run defenses this year. He’s also an injury risk and Minnesota’s line historically falters later in the season. Fitz has been solid but Arizona can’t keep up this high pass rate. Boyd has been good, but could potentially see a downswing in targets when AJ gets back. Latavius is a drop.

Carson is a popular player to hate right now but he will keep getting the rock on a run happy team. Juju is too talented to not warrant high targets on a Steelers team that will most likely be playing from behind a ton this year. Robby is a highlight machine that is getting his QB back. Thompson is PPR happy and if he stays healthy, potentially your RB2 for the rest of the year.

If it’s a PPR league, I’m fine with this.


I that’s all fine and cool and i get what your trying to say, but that’s alot of what ifs and trends that may or may not happen. I go by the numbers and what I’m seeing on the field and numbers dont lie. Yea ju ju most of the time juju is in the WR 1 range but hes not right now and hasn’t so far this season. Carson the same way, so until shit chances with both then I still stand by my opinion, like I said it just the back end of this deal that tips me slightly more to veto