Should this have been vetoed?

i have a trade that has been vetoed, it is a 14 man ppr league with the top 4 teams making playoffs, I traded; Gronk, jeff hauerman and eli manning for big ben, the guy I traded with only has charles clay as a TE and the only available TE’s are O’Shaughnessy and Gerald Everett as notables on waivers. we are both in the play off hunt at 7-3 (2nd) and 6-4(5th) the league vetoed this trade saying it was lopsided as i am getting big ben, one vote was cast because of the guy i play this week, didn’t want to play against me with ben. Is this a fair trade? should a trade be vetoed between two playoff teams? just loking for opinions and anyway to maybe solve this?

starters are
zeke, mixon
Hopkins, hill

Shouldn’t be vetoed but it is incredibly lopsided traded for the person receiving gronk. I’d say you’re league did you a favor lol.

The league saved you from yourself IMO

My only QB’s are Stafford and eli with jack doyle as my back up TE, im ready to move on from gronk and have a steady QB every week so iwas fine with it since out trade deadline is tomorrow