Should we be scared of Philly D?

Who to start? And why?

Can only start 4

Mike Evans- playing Phillies D
Landry- looks like a shootout is on the horizon against NO
Stills- jets! And he’s been praised this week lol
Manny sanders- no Mack? Attack!
Cobb- Rodgers hurt? Vikings D…efinitely no
Anderson- 1 target! 1!!!
Corey Davis- Mariota???

I know Evans is clearly a must start most weeks but philly defense is scary… thoughts?

Start Evans, Sanders, Landry, Stills…I like Anderson in his matchup up but Stills is Tannihills best option. Philly D is gonna cause lots of havoc for Fitz, but Evans is the clear WR1 and volume alone gets him the start for me. I do not think TB will be able to run much so it will be up to Fitz to dump off or make some more incredible throws.

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