Should we Sony owners be trying to move him?

Saw plenty of posts mentioning this, but only talking about how his value is going to be effected.

My league’s trade deadline is next Wed (the 14th), i was essentially banking on michel to return to be my RB1 ROS with a cycle of Lewis, Drake, and Lindsey in the RB2 slot.

Should we owners be trying to trade him with this burkehead news?

Would love to know what @MikeMeUpp thinks since he’s also very high on michel.

I could maybe package him with Gordon (ik ik, pats stack) to try and get a low end rb1?

I don’t think so. When Dion was there last year they still gave him plenty of touches, even with Burkhead there. Michel is a great RB and frankly Burkhead didnt do anything in the beginning of the season.

Man I just got an offer of Sony Michel for my gronkowski. I hated to see the Burkhead news. If I pull the trigger on this trade I’ll have to roster Burkhead as a handcuff noooooo! Not again!

I’m not moving him personally. I think Michel has proven already how efficient he is as a runner and on the goal line. Burkhead could definitely vulture a couple TDs but don’t really see it as the same as last year. And also if you remember, when burkhead returned last year, it put a damper into James White’s production more so than lewis cause white/burkhead skill set overlaps more.

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