Should you sell high on Tom Brady right now?

He’s the QB 1 or 2 in most formats right now, after starting the season on fire. Should you cash in and get a Dak Prescott + solid RB/WR? Or ride this plant magic to through the playoffs? Interested to hear people’s thoughts

No real reason to believe hes going to do anything but keep this up and finish as a top 10 . Dude is unreal id be sticking with him unless that solid rb/wr fills a big need on the team.

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I have Brady as my QB in my 2 main leagues. I’m not actively seeking a trade, but if I can trade him for what I consider an even QB swap and get value back, then I would. I think Dak and Brady should be similar rest of season, so if I could trade Brady for Dak + a solid RB2 or WR2, then I definitely would! Haven’t poked around to try something like that just yet though but maybe I should.

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Have one guy in my league interested in giving Dak + Godwin for my Tom Brady. Is that worth considering? My WRs are Keenan Allen, Deebo, Diontae Johnson, and Emmanuel Sanders

I’d accept that trade for sure! Getting an amazing piece like Godwin in that deal absolutely makes it worth it. Like I said, I think Brady and Dak are similar rest of season already so I’d take that deal if you can.