Should you trust any Vikings aside from theilen?

I currently have Dalvin Cook and Diggs on my bench mostly because they are playing the bears. Are they worth a play?
I have WR AB, KennyG, and MVS
RB: David Johnson and A Jones
Flex is Ingram.

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This is a Diggs kind of game (at least one would hope…)

He seems to do better on the road, Thielen may not be 100%, and they’re going to need to throw the rock in hopes of scoring points. The Bears are beatable through the air.

I was debating starting MVS over Diggs but am rolling with Diggs. As an aside, I am flexing Cohen for this matchup…

Diggs Cooks and Cousins are all still startable in my opinion. In your specific case, it’s a bit tougher. I would still lean Diggs over MVS just based on volume. Johnson and Jones are both top 12 plays this week so no need for Cook. This is a rough matchup for Ingram against an elite Phili run defense though, and personally I would start Cook over Ingram though that may not be popular opinion.

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@zdhaugen interesting take on Cooks and Ingram! I lean Ingram because he should get force fed a little bit to kill clock and catch screens to mitigate that Philly front AND he’s at home in the DOME. I think Cook is running into a brick wall when rushing, but he should involved in the passing game. But this is a tough one as the Eagles, Bears, and Vikings have all been stingy to RB’s…

For what it’s worth, I am on the other side of that matchup and I plan to flex Cohen over Ingram this week…

I agree that the Bears and Eagles are both elite run defenses. But I see a few more pass catches for Cook, and Cook is also the lead back for his team so the volume should exceed Ingrams. I would take Cohen over both this week as pass catching running backs and tight ends and rushing quarterbacks seem to be small Achilles heel’s in otherwise very strong Vikings defense.

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There you go! Good case for playing Cook! James White was balling out against the Bears as well, so the pass catching back should be played. Gotta figure Cousins is going to have check down a ton with pressure in his face…

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I have both. Starting Diggs, benching Cook for Boyd at the flex but it was a coin toss.

RB are Gurley and Conner so they aren’t going anywhere. Cooks is other WR.

I’m torn over Hilton or Diggs for WR2 this week and gut is saying Hilton. The unfortunate thing is, my gut has failed me quite often lately in FFB.