Show the woopins!

someone out there had to of played against Kittle and Henry

i wana see the screenshot!

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i would like to see that as well

Forget kittle. I wanna see the derick Henry and amari cooper

Some Bama fans that don’t know much about NFL but played in a buddy’s league probably drafted and started both those guys all year. I want to see someone that played against ALL THREE!

Might as well add CMC and Saquon to the list too haha

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They been doing it regularly, but yeah. I bet every big DFS win today has those 5 on it if they could figure out a way to fit them all. (Well not Henry because he probably wasn’t eligible since Thurs).

Haha ya and probably JuJu as their second WR


So glad I had a bye this week… would have been smoked by 3/4 of the teams this week.

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nice! great one