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Side wager in my league,who is right


I’m in a family/friends league and we tend to make a lot of side wagers to make the draft even more entertaining.
So had two managers make a wager that if Team A beat Team B that the manager from Team B would have to wear a Teletubby Costume to the draft this year.
Team A won the game so he bought a Teletubby Mini Dress Costume for Team B to wear at the draft this year.
Team B says this isn’t what was agreed upon but Team A says it’s technically listed as a costume and all they agreed upon is a Teletubby Costume.So Team B said technically they didn’t say how they’d wear the costume so he’ll wear it as a hat.
So please end this argument for me so our draft can be enjoyable,
Should Team A buy a regular teletubby costume for Team B to wear.
Should Team B wear the mini dress costume and be more definitive in his wagers for the future.
Or should Team B just wear it as a hat to get back at Team A


team B needs to man (or woman) up, and wear the costume. if i made a bet, and i lost, im paying up. who cares that you will be in a dress, you will be less hot anyway. teletubby costumes have got to be hot as hell to wear. especially in august. team A is doing you a favor.


Gotta wear the mini dress!