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Siemian over Newton


Siemian over Newtown with the news for Olsen? Feeling like Newton is still shaking off the rust but I don’t want to hold on to an idea the whole season. Also, Alex Smith is on the wire as well, have A.J Green.


Same decision for me, I think I’m going to pickup Siemian and then start Cam this week against NO. If he can’t get it done in this matchup then I’m benching him.


legit same situation and same decision. probably gunna start cam against the saints cuz their D looks abysmal


Agreed on the defense for the Saints. Going to try and keep an eye on that ankle of Cam’s and probably pick up Siemian on waivers due to my current position as a fail safe. Newton hasn’t looked as mobile as last year (or the year before really) and with the ankle his bottom may be even lower this week.