Siemian, T.Taylor, or Cutler? Which streaming QB for week 4?

As I continue to wait for Andrew Luck, these are my options. I’ve pretty much eliminated Cutler so it’s really between Tyrod Taylor and Trevor Siemian. I love Taylor’s rushing and the potential game flow at Atlanta. And Siemian has a juicy matchup at home vs the Raiders. Which one and why (if you can)? Thanks!


I am having to make same decision. I have Luck too. I am leaning towards Manning. Kyle’s article had him rated as comfortable and he was a stream of the week. But I was looking for help too


So any advise for me?

Id go with Trevor here.

Anyone else?

I’m going with Trevor personally. I just think his weapons are more explosive. I wouldn’t completely rule out Cutler though, should be a shootout.

I hear you. I’m a little scared of Cutler though. Last week vs the Jets I started him with absolute confidence and he nearly cost me a win.