Significant trade

At face value: I want to offer Wilson for Kelce…

Currently I have Wilson stacked with Graham… the guy im targetting doesnt have a QB and is desperately shopping kelce for a high end QB so im pretty sure hed take wilson… I want to try to gouge him for Marquise Lee as well because im rolling with some mediocre WRs and he doesnt need Lee… the problem is if i sell wilson im gonna be hurting at QB… my options would be to try to buy smith for cheap from the guy who has brady or worst case pick up Bortles who honestly i think could be a thing in fantasy playoffs… I also have mccown because i just acquired wilson recently and havent gotten to dropping mccown yet… what do you guys think? Stick with my Wilson Graham stack? acquire Kelce and try to move graham? pick up bortles? Acquire Kelce and just flex graham most weeks? Honestly im just scared of week 14… Wilson graham been carrying me and if i dont get the bye theyre going to crash my team week 14 vs Jags

Maybe package Wilson and graham for kelce and WR

ya id try the package you might get a better wr banking on him really wanting a qb

keeping them wouldnt be bad either

Yeah currently im in first seed but itll come down to my week 13 match up lol… and i just realize he had cam on his bench and was panicking until this week anyway