Silly Trade :) Advice please

Hi guys

I picked up josh gordon for the hell of it, and news came out that he will be reinstated.
After the news came out i got offered, STERLING SHEPARD for FLash GORDON. do it?

and I got another trade offer for WILL fuller for my PIERRE GARCON. do it?

Thanks for the help !


Definitely do both!
Those are some great deals.

Take both trades.

Sounds like great trades on your end.

I would probably do both of those things. Definitely Gordon for Shepard.

WOW…IDK…and I’m probly wrong on this one…but…Fuller’s been bustin wide open since his return…and Garcon’s been kinda up and down…I’m kinda leaning towards Fuller…BUT…thinking Garcon has better ROS potential!!! LOL…I know…a lot of help there huh???

Sorry…meant to say that I think from the ROS schedule and match-ups…I think Garcon has the better ROS. BUT…LOL…this has been one of those “ARE YOU KIDDING ME???” years…so…LOL

Yea im thinking that too. With Jimmy G at the helm it has to be better than BEATSUCKSOHARD. that guy makes me sad.

And fuller doesnt have much volume target and he is td dependent. He has to level out right?

The other thing we have to think about here is…Fuller has Watson…who seems to be the “Golden Child” this year. So…I know that just might have sounded like the contradiction. Really tough call here. I know that probably just threw all the above into a tizzy. Sorry. I know that didn’t help much…just trying to throw food to thought. Just going on gut feelings here. IDK…just have a feeling about Garcon. Hope I haven’t screwed you up here. Just wish there had been more thought posts on this.

So your guts say, Stick with Garcon? lol

I would do both trades for sure!

LOL…yeah…but…my gut also just got me to 3-5. Yeah…I’m sure that just gave you a lot of confidence huh?? All I can say is…it’s been one of the craziest years for my league. One of the guys who is ALWAYS in the top 3 come P/O’s is now 2-6 in our 10 team PPR. BUT…I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say…“YEAH…JUST GOT A FEELING ABOUT GARCON OVER FULLER WHEN IT’S ALL OVER AND DONE WITH!!!”

Do both immediately, then go to your fridge, crack open a beer, kick up your feet and enjoy the wins that should follow.

You were right with watson’s injury, till GARCON got hurt as well LOL

Shepard yes, Fuller no.