Simple dynasty trade, good or bad?

Someone in my .5ppr dynasty league offered me Dez Bryant in exchange for Dede Westbrook in a 1:1 trade, for some reason I feel very wary about this trade…should I go accept it before he changes his mind or stick it out with Dede, I do believe in his talent but not sure what to make of that receiving corps at this point. (Not sure if this makes a difference but I also have Keelan Cole on my roster)


A lot would depend on your roster construction honestly. To me Dez is on a downswing and can’t be depended on to get you points every week, however, at this point Dede would not be considered reliable either.

Personally, I’d hang on to Dede. He s very talented and has his best years ahead of him. This is a Dynasty question so If I’m making any moves, its usually to get all the young talent I can.

I would value them the same at this point, but Dede has youth on his side and the potential for more upside. Stay with Dede.

I’d take Dez. His value is more then Dede right now.

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Dan Sainio
… offseason trading, at this point, should be value trading. You don’t need to worry about your lineup until you get closer to the season. Set yourself up with a valuable roster now, so that way when you need to make a lineup, you have the ammo.

We harp on this fairly often on [another podcast], but it honestly can’t be said enough. Even if you don’t like the asset coming in, if the value is right you need to take the W.

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