Single Keeper Question

12 man Full PPR Keeper League. We can only keep 1 player and give up picking in the round the kept player was drafted in the previous year. I do not have a second round pick this year as I traded it for a player last year. I have the last pick in the first round. I can keep Julio Jones and give up my 1st round pick (12th pick) or I can keep Kareem Hunt in the third round and give up my third round pick. Who should keep this year?


Don’t like the fact that Julio is holding out, and he’s clearly unhappy with his contract. Dirty Birds made it clear they not re negotiating it at the moment. Hunt has some issues as well, a new off coordinator, a new QB and Spencer Ware’s return. He is a candidate for the dreaded sophmore slump. Julio is a bounceback candidate, and if he wants the big bucks, he needs to finish top 3, and very well can. We are looking forward to the clan’s forecast moving forward. Seems as Hunt brings back better value at the moment.


hunt in the third!!!

Hunt for sure.

These two pieces we fielded may help, take a peek:

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After looking into things, if you are in a win now PRIORITY, we would roll the dice w/JULIO as it can’t get worse.

I would go with Hunt, good value in the 3rd, and hope that a good WR falls to you in the 1st, someone like Allen, Green, Thomas, Adams, maybe even Julio if people are scared of him holding out (which he isn’t going to do).

I also like the possible outcome of talent you end up with keeping Hunt as a 3rd rounder since you don’t have a second round pick. I would rather have Hunt and a WR like Green/Thomas/Allen/Adams/Evans/Baldwin rather than having Julio and a RB like McCoy/Guice/Henry.