Singletary dropped like its hottt - pickup?

Should I drop ty Williams to pick him up?

Damien Williams was also dropped but McCoy seems to be the starter there where as Singletary will be for Bills soon I would imagine now that he’s healthy?

Standard league pretty heavy on wr power
Ideally it would have been the backup Qb but bye week…

Bump for help

I would say drop Murray first because you are likely never going to play him (except when Kamara is out). From your roster I think you will need Tyrell more than a back end RB. Not sure I would drop anyone for him at this point. Maybe wait until after this week and pray he is still sitting there so you can drop Rudolph

Murray may be playing again this week if Kamara isn’t healed - but I would agree if Kamara was healthy I would drop him and pick him back up for Rudolph but for now I don’t see myself starting more than 2 WRs over the rbs I have in standard with is why I was thinking Singletary would be a good add over a wr since they have more opportunity for points vs a receiver in standard format

Kamara is not likely to play this week. Maybe the raiders receiver?

Why risk the franchise back the week before the bye in a home game where you are heavy favorites against a non division team?

Ya ty Williams is who I was thinking of dropping for him - I think between Thomas Gallup and Anderson and now sanders to SF being the one there ty is the worst receiver I got especially with his end of season schedule, and he’s been dealing with a foot injury

Any other insights?