Singletary for James White + Josh Gordon

Standard scoring, is it a good trade if I trade away singletary for white + gordon?

I’m 7-3 so I’m looking to get players with good playoff matchups.
white has a nice playoff schedule and I think his TD numbers are going up because of positive regression in the upcoming weeks. Singletary has a tough schedule after the upcoming week and Gordon might become very valuable with Lockett having a potential severe injury.

What do you think?

I think that’s a positive trade for you. Singletary seems to be splitting too much with Gore. Lockett does appear to be out for a few games at least if not more so Gordon could become very valuable. Singletary and White are the same IMO so getting Gordon puts this deal in your favor.

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I made him the offer and he would accept it if I add Pollard to the trade. He owns Zeke.
Still a good trade?

I wouldnt take the trade either way. Gordon has had a ton of opportunity for years and we only value him for that one season. Id keep the upside of singletary.