Singletary for James White Trade?

Full PPR, does this trade make sense for both teams? Why or why not?

Team A (4-2) RB depth:
Saquon, CMC, Coleman, Royce, White

Team B (3-3) RB Depth:
Gurley, Gordon, Chubb, Hunt, Singletary.

I think I’d rather have Singletary long term. Has a shot at being the RB1. White will never be more than a pass catching guy with a low ceiling.

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I agree. You take Singletary

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Is there any scenario where you take White? I agree definitely long term you take Singletary, but White is such a PPR staple and the Pats have such a consistent offense, 13 PPR points per game and if Michel goes down you have a low end RB1.

Sounds like you have your mind made up that you want White, so go get him :joy:

lol no i have White and hoping the guy accepts the trade

White would not be the next man up if Michel gets hurt, the Pats offense doesn’t work like that. But he has a consistent, valuable role in PPR. So unless you’re banking on Singletary overtaking Gore I’d want White

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I think Singletary overtakes Gore, and fairly soon, or at least a 50/50 split. It was obvious in the first 2 weeks he is clearly more talented. But you never know with NFL coaches and they have been successful with Gore so I could see them trying to stick with him, which seems foolish.

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Only scenario would be if you need a flex guy right this week. Singletary is in his first game off injury but has a sweet matchup vs Mia and a super soft schedule coming up. But given you have Saquon Coleman and Royce to play this week I take the Singletary side of the deal

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