Singletary or Justin Jackson

Full PPR, both end of bench guys for me who would you drop for a DST?

For now I would drop Jackson. Singletary is the starter (even if it’s a timeshare). It’s a close call though. Maybe offer a trade and get value instead of losing one of the two?

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Been trying the trade route all week but no joy yet. A fair few pre week 1 trades have happened already, some weak rosters in the league too but they want to wait until post week 1.

I was starting to lean Jackson unless Gordon gets dealt. The Chargers O line is really looking bad again and I wonder how productive he’ll be if Ekeler stays healthy and is the dominate pass catcher.

Could just be a ten week rental who likely won’t play for me at all, Singletary could take the job before then though so I’d like to hold him.

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I’d like to keep both but I think Singletary is the priority. It looks like Buffalo plan on him being main guy soon. Jackson needs Gordon to continue to stay away and Ekeler to be less effective than him to get into a similar opportunity and even then it could go away if Gordon came back.

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Same here but my roster is as below and I don’t really have another drop. I think Hill will have real value this year in a better run heavy team so I’ll hold him. Could argue for Samuels but I like him a lot this year too.

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Breida, Hill, Jackson, Singletary
WRs - Allen, Thielen, Cooper, Godwin, Samuels
TE - Engram
K - Badgley
DST - Stream (To Be Added)

Curtis samuel I wouldn’t consider dropping. I think Jackson is the best drop option and it’s not a great drop but I think it’s right move. I’d probably add him immediately week 2 and go through same dance again next week though.

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100% my plan as well, thanks for the views guys

Any changes in view here with Bills saying this will be a full RBBC? Which granted we all knew it would be to start and is the usual coach speak.

Take part of the two headed monster for now in the better offense than the three headed one in the weaker offense?

Does your league allow you to pick up right before kick off in individual games? Buffalo play first so could maybe see what Singletary does and then decide

That’s a great shout, I’ll double check but it may do yes!

It can be done. I can watch Singletary and grab the Cowboys or Seahawks later.

Need to now with the Bears looking dreadful and Monty in more of an RBBC than I thought