Singletary or Mckinnon

Half ppr dont have much else for the flex spot so its gotta be one of these 2

Goff or Cam for this week? 6pt qb tds

Singletary, Pats ran all over the raiders last week.

Would gamble on Cam, higher upside as i think the rams go up big and then just control the clock with the run game. Goff if you need a safe floor, Cam if you wanna swing for the fences.


Nice i have singletary in but i did this last week too and mckinnon did much better. but i dont really need to swing for the fences for qb i just worry the kc will do what they did to lamar to cam but cam can throw the ball much better than lamar so idk how that game will shake out

If you just want reliability over high scoring then go with Goff, Cam might pop off but like you said KC could make him look silly. Goff is in a game where he almost can’t do bad, but he just might not be asked to do much with their run game being what it is.

McKinnon has consistently put up good numbers. His worst week was almost as good as Singletary’s best week.

Cam this week. It’ll be a high-scoring game and they’ll need him. Goff may not need to do much. This might be the Henderson show.

My concern with Mckinnon is he just had that rib issue and sure hes good to play but how healthy is he vs Singletary has the nice matchup

Your not wrong though mckinnon has been just better than singletary so far