Singletary, or parker

Hey guys! In the middle of a slow dynasty draft right now. Looks like I’ll have a shot at either Devin singletary or davonte Parker in the 6th. Who do you prefer there?

Anyone else?

It depends on your team roster, if your team is built to win now and you need RBs, I would go with singletary, he should be consistent and get volume, but I don’t like his value in the long term. Other than that situation, I would go with Parker, he just broke out last year after all of the hype that he has received and now people are devaluing him tremendously, he will have fitz to start the year and tua coming in after and Miami drafted 2 OL in the first 2 rounds which will give them more time to throw.

The cons that people say about him is that Preston Williams was injured when he broke out which is true to a degree but if you look at Parker’s stats for the year he had 10 games over 10 points (in half ppr) with 4 of them coming in the 8 games Preston was there and 6 of them coming in the 8 games Preston missed. Plus Rosen was playing for 4 full games during those first games as well and Parker still put up consistent points during that time minus the game against New England.

My team is doing pretty well at the moment, but lacks rb depth.
Team consists of:
Rb:Dalvin cook, Nick Chubb
Wr: juju, aj brown, Allen Robinson, Terry mclaurin
Te:Travis kelce

My concern is that the bills have drafted a pretty solid rb to sit behind/take work from singletary. Does anyone know if there may be a better rb pick generally around round 6? Or have any thoughts about singletary?

Yeah Rb depth or any young QBs left?

Oh that’s my bad, I thought you said Montgomery, I like Singletary but you’re right he’s going to be in a rb committee, what other rbs are still on the board?

I’d go Singletary assuming your first five rounds weren’t a disaster. Parker for me had a fantastic season but I’m really not sure how much I trust him to repeat it. Singletary committee is concerning though.

I would target one of those top rookie RBs if they are included in this draft and available, it’s a good spot to snag one of them

Those are the available RBs.
My draft has been pretty solid to this point. And. I’m looking to ad some more depth today, plus fill out my remaining starters.

The names that stand out are Kareem hunt (I own chubb. In ppr hunt can stand alone, and if Chubb goes down he’s my handcuff) and Lev bell. I don’t mind taking a late shot at DJ later.

In the next4 rounds I want to pick up a QB,. And add depth to TE and RB. But the depth that I need is starting caliber for the RBs. So I may have to wait a bit there… not really sure what to do.

Bell and Johnson are both starting RBs without a timeshare. Are a little older but the workload shoudl be there. Hunt would be a good handcuff that’s gets good work as the “backup”. I like Carson too. He’s my RB2 in a WR heave dynasty draft I’m currently doing. He’s young and shown he can work but still have penny there. I’d most likely lean the first two or Carson

I can probably get johnson and singletary if I play my cards right. Is that something you guys think I should look for?

If I had to choose between Johnson and hunt what are your thoughts? I don’t think hunt has the injury risk that dj carries

I really don’t think DJ has real injury risks. The wrist thing was a freak accident then last year just seemed like he was forced to play unhealthy behind a terrible line. After a full season of rest and clean physical think he should be a full go.

So you would take Johnson over hunt?

Neither were available. I went with Brandon cooks

I think cooks should be good though, he will be the default 1 in Houston for a great Deshaun Watson.

Agreed. I’m going to go after Madison, another younger wr next… the. It’ll be just QBs, def, and I may take a shot at a couple of TEs.