Singletary traded away...who won?

Traded away Singletary for DK Metcalf to the #2 team. I’m currently #1 at 8-2, .5 PPR 10 team.

RBs are Chubb, DJ, Coleman, Freeman

WRs are Lockett, Diggs, Cooper, Tyrell Williams, Harry

Feel like i lost this one but haven’t used Singletary yet this year and probably wouldn’t start over my current RBs. DK sees a lot of Redzone targets and has been fairly consistent. If anything insurance in case Lockett goes down i guess…Who wins here?

I mean you traded a RB who you don’t play for (but has the upside of an RB1 IMO, which is very hard to find) for a WR (with a much lower ceiling at a position where you can always find more WR’s) who you also aren’t going to start.

I would agree think you lost this one.

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Yeah the more i think about it the more i am kicking myself. Hopefully we meet in the playoffs and he starts Singletary in the tough matchups. Thats the only way i see it paying out now lol

It’s not a bad move by any means, just seems like an unneccesary one. RB depth is more useful that WR depth in general.

To be fair tho, Coop and Diggs is one of the more injury-prone duos you can have and DK is trending up. Somewhat justified.

just my personal opinion on how i run my teams but i never roster 2 WRs from a single team. Hopefully he gets knocked out and you don’t have to see him in the playoffs to find out if the trade was bad lol…good luck!