Singletary was placed on waivers...what should i do?

My lineup:
WRs: Evans, Thielen, TY, Ridley, McClaurin, Alshon
RBs: Zeke, Jones, Sanders, McCoy

Who should i drop to pick him up? Or should i wait till next week when i can drop Everett and place Wallerus back in at TE? He may not be there next week though.

McClairin. You’ll never play McClauren but likely play Singletary

lol im actually starting scary terry this week against Miami but i get it though…you like Alshon over Terry ROS i assume?

Yeah I guess never was a strong word lol I like the #1 WR on the Eagles more than I like the #1 WR on the Redskins. So as long as D-Jax struggles with health yes I like Alshon more. As far as Ridley, then it’s just would you’re rather have the #2.5 on a good offense or the #1.5 on a bad one

I’d also rather have 5 WRs and 5 RBs than 6 WRs and 4 RBs. Something else to think about

I’d 100% drop McCoy for him. Bills have a juicy schedule coming up and Singletary looked great when healthy. When Williams goes down its been proven that McCoy doesn’t become anything close to a lead back.

Drop your kicker if you need to, but get Singletary, and honestly Gore as well. If Singletary needs another week or 2, the infinite one will crush all mortals with his infinity stone!