Sit 1, checking back

Full PPR

I took a shot on Hines after listening to the 1st half of the Thursday podcast and talking to a few footclan members. Then I heard the 2nd half AFTER the Thursday night game, and the Starts of the Week included all 3 other guys I was shuffling. Now I only have 2 spots left for Yeldon/Boyd/Jeffery (WR/Flex) Who do you sit? (Also starting Gurley/Diggs) A couple people recommended sitting Alshon, which is what pushed me to play Hines. Just checking back to see if there are any other reactions.

I would def put Yeldon in there. Not that Alshon would be a poor choice or anything, but I think Yeldon’s upside and floor are both higher than Alshon’s this week with Fournette out and a terrible KC defense.

Out of those three players, I would play Yeldon/Boyd and sit Jeffery this week…
It is close between Jeffery/Boyd…I believe Yeldon is a must start though…

Oops - didn’t see the WR part of that. I think I’d go Yeldon/Alshon personally, mostly bc I fear Boyd might suffer in targets with Mixon returning. But that is speculation, and Boyd or Alshon are very close. That’s pretty much a toss up. So, definitely Yeldon. And then my preference is Alshon.

Thanks for the input! Those frame it a little better for me

Thanks for the call! Boyd didn’t turn out and Adams went off (I had already decided to sit him with the injury concerns), but sitting Jefferey and starting Yeldon was the right call.