Sit 1, Keenan, Diontae, Pittman

Hopkins really hamstrung my team :laughing: 5pp5r

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Hate to say it. But sitting Keenan Allen of that bunch. Pittman and Diontae Johnson have great matchups.

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That’s a good looking team. Obviously manage it as you see fit. I’d replace Watson with a bye week K/DST or QB/RB/WR flyer. Based on your roster it seems that your on top of research/making waiver claims. I’d suggest the return on investment (a roster spot) would see greater much results with something else.

Disclaimer: I put the chances of Watson playing at 0%. I know this is a minority opinion.

Yeah Im not putting much faith into the Watson move but I just grabbed him this week to see what happens by the trade deadline cuz u never know! What’s crazy is this is a 12 team league and I’m still 2-5 thanks to some bad beats and a terrible QB situation (I drafted Tannehill and have been bouncing between him, Daniel Jones and Heinicke all season :sob:).