Sit 1 - Lindsay, Mixon, Breida?

Mostly debating between Breida and Mixon - thoughts/rankings here?
Standard scoring.

Lindsey is up against a weak Bengals defense this week. Definitely start him. Mixon should be ok this week. Breida always seems to be hurt so I steer clear of him.

Breida been solid the past two weeks and gets a Seahawks Run D which ranks 22nd in the league. MIxon however gets a Broncos Run D who has been much improved the past few weeks and Denver I would assume would key on him with a backup QB at the helm. I’d prob go Breida but that’s just my opinion.

1 for Mixon and 1 for Breida…agree that Breida may be an injury risk but Mixon’s matchup and situation is not as good.

Any more input on Breida vs. Mixon? Running tally! :slight_smile: