Sit 1 of 4: DJ Moore, Woods, Chark, or Bernard (Full PPR)

By all metrics these 4 players are near equal. What does your gut say? Mine says whoever I sit will be a rockstar and whoever I strart will goose me. I have a tight game (opponent favored by 0.5) in a must-win situation. I need outside perspective.

Sorry - Sketchy move to move this to top of list – I’m a bit desperate. I did reply to a bunch of other posts, too. Do onto others and all. :slight_smile:

Sometimes replies don’t happen around here. Not sure why. I didn’t see your post but I probably would’ve told you to sit Woods or Chark because of the matchups. I sat Woods. I also sat Moore for Jakobi Meyers and I regret it. Lost bad this week. Hopefully you sat Gio or Chark.

Didn’t see this at the time

I’d have been fine with benching anyone but gio and very likely leaned bench moore. My advice wouldn’t have helped so hopefully you started moore.

Well I went with the higher upside and wound up benching Gio, which he and Chark were effectively a draw. I have Mike Davis too, so the Davis/Moore stack actually worked in my favor for a very refreshing change.

My opponent had Crowder, NE DST, and JuJu, so basically Brady will need to outscore Woods by 66 points for him to draw the win. Not a bad week for starting out in a dead heat.