Sit 1 - time sensitive

I’ve gotta make the call before I start work in an hour. Full PPR


Am I crazy to be considering Hines over Yeldon based on his role tonight? Is he only a strong play if you don’t have the depth? Yeldon’s got the Q, but it seems like it’s the same maintenance injury.

Rest of my starters

Rams D

Id sit Alshon as he’ll see alot of Rhodes this week and a rested Vikes D coming off a beat down and maybe some added revenge for last years pretty lopsided playoff loss.

Hines has a great matchup as the Pats LBs are trash and without Doyle and Hilton Luck needs his trustworthy dump off guy and those are alot of targets to be accounted for.

Yeldon is the 16th best RB in PPR and hes started two games. No Fournette this week and hes againt the Cheifs, play him.

Boyd is for real, I think he’ll continue to see double digit targets especially with Eiffort out and the way they use him in the slot.

BOL this week get that W.

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What is BOL?

I actually didn’t expect Jeffery to be the call here. Anyone else want to chime in for one more angle?

I agree to sit Alshon.

However, i can’t decide which i like better, Hines @ Pats with hilton, mack, and doyle out (Luck needs someone to dump to like poster above stated)

Or Boyd, simply because with AJ Green hogging so much attention, he’s getting quality looks.

i THINK hines is safer, but they both have high “boom” potential

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If it is Alshon sitting, Boyd would be my other WR this week, and Yeldon my RB, so Hines would get the flex.

Well…I guess because it’s Thursday, Hines would be RB and Yeldon would be flex, but you get the idea.

That’s the move then m8, set em and forget em!

Would you start Baldwin over Hines?