Sit a Defense to hold a lead

Im up by 1.5 points and about 4 points in two leagues, one is for 3rd and one is for 1st.

Ive got denver d and my opponents dont have anyone else to play.

Ive got Oakland winning tonight, I dont want denver to go negative, however i am worried about stat corrections because of the close margins.

What do you think Footclan?

I think if you got the W sit the broncos and have yourself a beer

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Sit the defense Take the win. Literally no upside to risking it. It’s championship week so not like you need the points to win a tie breaker or anything.

And as bad as Oak and Carr are, they always manage to turn it on when playing at home. Part of it is because the refs are crazy rigged but for whatever reason, they find a way.

Just bench and celebrate your wins my friend.

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@MikeMeUpp Thanks guys. Just found out from Commish that i have to start a defense due to league rules regarding empty starting roster spots. Gonna bench them in the league where i have a 1.5 point lead tho.

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