Sit Chubb? RB advice week 8

My RBs available for this week are:
Chubb vs Pats
McCoy vs GB
Edmonds vs NO

Had planned on starting Chubb and McCoy but McCoy’s only decent games were with Williams out. So I’m considering Chubb and Edmonds- with DJ being a game time decision I think Edmonds gets the volume, but the Saints run D is stout.

I know the Pats D is good but they’ve played a lot of bad teams/QBs. But I see a bad day in Barker’s future so does Chubb get scripted out on top of facing one of the best Ds in FFB.?

Edmonds situation isn’t much better playing the Saints.

I initially felt good about McCoy this week with Mahomes out and GB giving up pets to RBs, but Williams x2 will be there to suck pts away. I’ve been burned starting McCoy unless Williams was out.

I’m 4-3 playing the leader of our division whose 5-2. I started McLaurin last night and the other team started Cousins so we are close in pts 7 to 11. Full ppr.

I really need to get my RBs right this week to get a win. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m starting chubb. They’re number one on run defense because the pats score with their defense and teams throw more. Chubbs their offense I he should still get his touches. Mccoy got about 60% of the snaps against the broncos and he’s done the most with his touches. I don’t know much about Edmonds but he seems to do decent with the receptions he’s gotten

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Anyone have an opinion on Edmonds or McCoy? Thanks

The Start/Sit tool has Edmonds as the play…I’m seriously concerned about the NO D but it seems DJ will be out so I guess I roll with Edmonds.

Have a gut feeling that McCoy gets more pts vs GB than Edmonds vs NO but a sus backfield situation and Williams x2 May be tougher to overcome than the Saints D.?