Sit Diggs? Am I Crazy?

Hey guys need some help here with Diggs playing Monday Night I need to make the call early.
Other options I have are:
Martavius Bryant or Eric Decker. Should I take the chance and roll with Diggs or one of the others here? Im skeptical as he hasnt practiced all week. Thanks!

The news on Diggs isn’t looking good. At this point I’d check for any further info before Sunday’s games but if he’s still questionable I think you have to sit him. I’d play Bryant in his place.

Diggs doesnt play Monday night, he plays in the early slate on Sunday. but I am having kind of the same dilemna and sadly debating on sitting him for the likes of Jermaine Kearse :flushed: lol

youre right, I was looking at the wrong week. the plus side is he plays at 1pm. If he is playing… do you plug him in hurt is the question I guess at this point now. Will he be productive or be a decoy?

I wouldnt feel confident in it, but I think I would still play him over Decker or Bryant. Decker is getting passes from matt Cassell, which you can never feel comfortable with. And Bryant is losing work to Schuster, and they are playing KC on the road. Im sure Marcus Peters will be on AB, but its still asking a lot. We all know Big Ben on the road, aside from his recent struggles already. If Diggs is active for the game, I would stick with him over the other options you have, unless you can find more on the WW.

Thanks man, Appreciate the advice

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