Sit Elliot or Chubb for White?

Rule #1: Don’t sit your FF studs. Last time I did that, Chubb went off for 44 points.
Rule #12: But I can watch White play tonight and it will make the game more exciting…No Rex, Michel will be the workhorse, Boldin will get a few touches, but White will be getting more work as a receiver than ever with Dorsett out, and Edelman/Gordon limited (perhaps). Am I reaching too much?

Please convince me not to do this and just be happy that I have someone like J White on my bench.

Don’t reach! Play your studs. Zeke or Chubb blowing up on you bench is going to hurt a lot more than White

please don’t do this lol

hah. But as a FantasyFootballer, I can actually control the outcome of the players performance if I can watch the game.