Sit Gordon for_____?

Standard league and we play 2RBs, 2WRs 1R/W Flex.
With Gordon questionable whos the flex play below from my WR and RB pool? I can wait on Gordon decision but if he’s out I like some opinions.
RBs Gordon,Cohen, Cook, Ito, Richard (or do I grab Judtij Jackson?)
WRs Landry, Baldwin(b)

I’m starting Mixon, OBJ and Green fyi

If Gordon is out, I’d put in Cohen over Ito.

For flex, I’d go with Landry. If you can’t start Landry against Tampa, then you’re never going to start him.


Agree 100%…
Landry is getting a ton of targets, and the production in yards/TDs should start improving as the Mayfield/Landry connection plays together more and get on the same page…

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Thanks @Lord_Sinclair @ChargersFan I’m leaning that way too just looking for confirmation it’s the play.

Just as a follow up if Gordon sits, should I drop Richard and grab Jackson or as the Chargers go on bye next week stick with what I have as and deal with Gordon injury news in week 9 if there is any?

Keep Richard and play wait and see with his usage…

I believe Gordon will be fine long-term rest of season, and actually hope they don’t play him this week given they have a bye next week to give him 2 full weeks to get completely healthy…

Hammy injuries can linger so I hope the Chargers play it safe and rest him this week and during their Bye next week…

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Thanks and I agree really hoping it’s minor and they sit him… can’t have him turn into another Cook or Fournette situation. So annoying it’s happened but as long as they don’t make it worse two weeks off should do it