SIT Gurley for Damien Williams?

Even if Gurley starts I may bench him due to possibly sharing time with CJ Andersen and his injury concerns

Am I crazy to bench him in the championship??

Not crazy at all. I would do it. Even if he plays there is a chance LA is up comfortably in the 1st and Gurley doesn’t see the field in the second half. Of coarse, all of this is predicated on Ware being Out.

As of now I plan to sit GURLEY and play Carson

They’re saying hes going to play should we play him or stick with a “sure full game work load”? the pressure is real! Lol

Gurley is playing and I’m starting him. Gurley pushed to play in this game because he’s said all year he wants the title

@MarshalMathers even with Carson being my backup option?