Sit Leonard v. SEA?

Worried about Leonard’s matchup with SEA. He was super slow coming off his injury, and last week was only his second double digit week since Week 6. I’m the underdog in playoffs, and need every point. Starting Freeman as my RB1. Who should be my RB2? Full PPR. Thanks!

Fournette @ SEA
Lewis @ MIA
Burkhead @ MIA
A Collins @ PITT
T Coleman v NO

Burkhead then Lewis hands down. I’m in the same situation but with Hunt as my RB1… anyways I’m starting Morris over Fournette because if the matchup. I just can’t trust him until he looks better but man is his week 16 matchup juicy haha! Just need to get there!

Before I forget it’s close between Burkhead and Lewis. Burkhead is the passing back it seems like now so since it’s full PPR I put him ahead. I also could see Lewis finally get his, he just needs the TDs and I expect them to get ahead early and just continue to pound with Lewis. So either is a good one in my opinion.

Ok, thanks. Its that little voice saying “don’t get cute and roll with your studs” and then I’m left swallowing a single digit score. May go with Burkhead at RB2 and Lewis at flex if I can resist plugging in Flash Gordon at flex…

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