Sit Mike Evans?

Thinking about sitting evans for Gallup, Ertz, or DJ Moore. Really hard to sit him though because he is able to go for 40 points any given moment. Thoughts?

I think I still play Evans. Gallup would be the only one I would even think of instead. What is the rest of your line-up?

That is what I am leaning towards.

The league is qb, 2xRB, 3x W/T, and flex

My team is:
Mike Thomas

Ertz, Gallup, DJ Moore, MVS Ito Smith

also thought about Gallup over Michel but I think Michel has the safer floor this week against the giants with Burkhead out

Burkhead might play, keep an eye on that.

Yeah if he does I think I will go Gallup over Michel. But even if so, the Giants are so bad I dont see how Michel gets less than 15 touches which he can easily turn into 100 yards against them.

Also, you can always run into a big Zeke game, which is coming.

Right, I usually tend to lean RB in my flex if possible just because they are guaranteed more touches.