Sit my defense!? Whaaaat

I’m in a must win scenario to make playoffs. I can’t make a y more waiver moves because I’m out of faab in a $1 minimum bid system. I have the Jags defense playing Indy. How confident would you be about them not getting negative points?

For reference, they’ve had negative points 3 times in their last 6 games in our league.

Grab a coffee fellas. Let’s chat.

Andrew luck has had 3 TDs in like the 7 games or something… Luck is balling out so i wouldnt expect the jags D to have a high ceiling… plus they just got roasted my josh allen… a rookie in buffalo. How u finna get sliced up by a rookie in buffalo? There is something wrong in jacksonville

They also switched their QB and Indys D has been stepping up when they need to.

So you’re saying I should probably sit them? Cause that’s where i’m leaning. Plus, the positive games they’ve had the last 6 weeks, think they only put up more than 5 pts once…

Id sit them if u have another option. You cant pick up another D because of your FAAB situation?

Yeah can’t make any more transactions. Trades are still available though because it’s a 12 keeper (quasi dynasty) league.

Well u can try to trade for another defense but id assume jacksonville is a pretty good D to have in dynasty or you can play them. I wouldnt leave the D spot open just cuz your guaranteeing a 0 but if u can find a new option, i would try

Just asked 3 of my buddies if they’d be willing to trade a D. There’s decent options this week on the waivers, so we’ll see if one of them will deal.