Sit on Deshaun Watson or stream QBs

Hey guys,

I panicked in my draft when a few good QBs went and grabbed DW pretty early (5th or 6th round).

Safe to say he didn’t pan out like I hoped week 1.

Should I stick with him for another week against Tennessee or maybe change philosophies and stream QBs this season?

Smith, Mahomes, Ryan, Fitzmagic & Foles are the top 5 QBs on waivers in my league.

I love fantasy but my decision making always lets me down so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

I wouldn’t give up on Watson yet. I’m not a Watson owner in any of my leagues cause I didn’t want to draft him at the top 4 QB sticker price. Having said that, I don’t think he is as bad as what he showed on Sunday. At the end of the day, it was his first game back since the injury, his knee probably still isn’t 100% yet and it was in Foxborough against a Bill Belichick defense who has had a year to study and prepare for the game based on film from last year.

Don’t think you just give up on him yet. Remember he totally lit up the titans last year. Also fuller was injured. Fuller in that offense totally changes everything. I’d give it some more time to see what happens.

There is no chance I am streaming Foles in any week. Smith/Mahomes are viable depending on match-up. Grabbing and playing Mahomes for the next week is viable if you are really scared of a repeat performance from Watson. Personally, I’m fine with starting Watson against Titans cause I don’t like rostering 2 QBs but that’s an alternative for you.

Thanks for your advice. I’m definitely leaning towards keeping him. Thanks for your help.