Sit one of these 3 (Kupp - Shepard - Darkwa)

Which one would you bench?

1 point PPR League

I need to bench one of the guys.

Kupp - One of the most targeted WR in the end zone. Giants are without Jenkins.

Shepard - #1 WR on Giants. He will fight for targets with Engram but it’s basically just those two.

Darkwa - going against a bad Rams run defense. With the return of Shepard Giants should get more first downs which means more opportunities for Darkwa.

I personally would lean Kupp and Shepard to start, but it is playing with fire a little bit. All have decent upside while being quite inconsistent. Kupp and Shepard should get a lot of targets, especially since Giants will probably playing catch up.


Bence Darkwa, personally I would drop him. try to get Lacy (since Seahawks got a new LT), Alex Collins, or Drake off of waivers if you can.

So the consensus is bench Darkwa out of the 3?

I would play kupp and shep

No to Darkwa in my opinion

That’s the direction I was going.

Thanks guys!